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How to book a Wedding!

Congratulations.  You are getting married!
Now time for the fun part!  Planning your wedding. Use the steps below to easily plan your wedding.

Step 1

Wedding Package

Now it is time to pick out your wedding package. We offer a one, two, or three day wedding packages. Yes you can stay longer and don't forget to book your stay for additional days. View our packages at The Roost Store. One week weddings get priority booking and are available for instant booking up to 18 months prior to your reservation date.

Step 2

Availability Calendar 

Please view our calendar to determine if your dates are available.  Our software will not allow a booking more that eighteen months in advance.

  • Instant booking is always available when booking for seven days or more.

  • Instant booking for five to six days is available at twelve months in advance. 

  • Instant booking for three days is available eight months in advance. 

  • Instant booking is not available for one or two day wedding. 

Please contact us to book a one or two day wedding or for INSTANT BOOKING click THE BOOKING link below. 

Step 3


Venue Fee & Access Passes


  • You must purchase your venue fee at the time of booking. 

  • Venue fee's are non refundable. 

  • Venue fee's are used to hold a reservation.


  • Access passes are valid for the duration of the venue fee purchased.

  • Please wait until you have sent your invitations and have received your RSVP's and have a total guest count.  

  • Access passes are refundable up to 24 hours prior to the event.

Step 4

Parking & Transportation

Events over 40 PEOPLE require shuttle services.

  • Parking is limited to TRL guests only and vendors.

  • Max 10 vehicles on site.

  • Proof of shuttle reservation is required. 

  • Please remit a copy of your shuttle reservation and/or shuttle plan with your liability insurance.  


Step 5

Wedding Contract & Insurance


  • Wedding Liability insurance is required one month prior to your event. 

  • Planning on having alcohol? You must hire a professional service that has liquor liability insurance with TIPS certified bartenders. 


Step 6 

Wedding Planning 

All right it is time to make the big decision. Am I planning this my self or hire a professional.  We highly recommend using one of our very talented wedding planners!  




We DO NOT charge you for what you DO NOT need. All TRL rentals are 100 % refundable. All sub-rented items are subject to the rental companies return policy. 

Step 8


Finding the right vendors for your wedding is crucial.  Here is a convenient list of most of the vendors you will need for your wedding.  Each one is a link to TRL's expert team:

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